Robot programming

Robotics is an amalgamation of scientific and engineering discipline which is focused on the use of artificial, embodied capabilities programmable in two or more axes with a degree of autonomy, moving in its zone for performing certain intended tasks.

CO-ROBOT DAB Stand Exhibition

The need was to create a stand for DAB, for the MCE fair of Milan, which had particularly captivating characteristics in order to attract as many people as possible. The idea was to install in a non trade fair event closely linked to industrial automation, a manipulator robot that could perform special scenographies. From these assumptions, we developed together with the client (Skill Evolution) the whole scenography. DAB has decided to advertise four new circulator models, so we created four dark cases inside which we have place the four circulators on the sides of the robot intervention area. We placed a Motoman MH-50-20 robot in the center of the area wrist we applied a specially designed and specially designed forceps built to grasp the four DAB pumps. A led-wall with a video was mounted on the back of the robot area synchronized with the movements of the robot and which explains the characteristics of the four circulators, in a given sequence: the robot, initially firm and closed in on itself, it begins to move slowly, as if it were wake up. Then he shows up with rapid movements towards the public and subsequently, based on the product advertised on the led-wall, illuminates the relevant display case and goes to pick up the relative product, showing it to the public as a jewel from heaven. Then lo put it in its housing and move on to the next product.


CO-ROBOT INDA Stand Exhibition

Given the great success of DAB, we wanted to replicate the experience with Inda at the furniture fair, but this time Skill Evolution wanted to play more with the imagination: instead of attracting people directly with the marketed products has been created a scene that recalls vintage video games and was created a “story” using 5 icons of the 80’s video games: Pac-Man, Tetris, Mushroom, Domino, Soccher. Also in this event, the robot picks up the 5 icons in sequence, performs movements in sync with the led-wall videos, deposit the icons in the relative cradles.


CO-ROBOT Hu-Friedy Stand Exhibition

Given the great success at the fairs in Milan, there has been asked to replicate the experience of the robot for the Cologne (dental equipment and materials). On this occasion we used a smaller robot, always Motoman, given the dimensions of the objects to be manipulated. To give more prominence e visibility to the advertised objects, we have developed a gripper in colorless pexiglass, automated and interfaced with the robot by means of Arduino board.


Robotic welding station

This is the robotic welding station, consisting of four independent stations where the pieces to be welded are loaded. The pieces are picked up by a manipulator robot that has a capacity of 150 kg on the wrist; these are brought to a second welding robot. This system, having the 6 axes of the manipulator robot, interpolated with the 6 axes of the welding robot, allows to weld very complex pieces; combined with the 4-island solution that increases efficiency and minimizes start-up time, this system is particularly efficient even for batches consisting of small series. The management of the loading-unloading cabins and the interfacing of the two robots was done through the electronic boards that Alessandro De Marchi designed and produced for De.Vi. srl as there were no pre-packaged systems of this type. As regards firmware programming, it was therefore necessary to program the control cards connected to the PLCs of the two robots, and the supervision and data entry system for the welding parameters which takes place via a software interface under the Windows system.


programmazione robot-ET