Light System 4.0
Solutions for architects and interior designers


We provide solutions for the realization of customized lighting fixtures

Tailored, designed thanks to a close collaboration with architects, designers and designers and above all to a real relationship of trust that we have always established with you retailers and end customers.


IOT control Solutions

We are able to carry out every phase of processing of our products, from the design of electronic components to the execution and assembly of optical and mechanical parts.

We design and produce professional lighting solutions

A LIGHTING SYSTEM 4.0 is an intelligent network-based lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting control with the use of one or more governance servers.

Professional lighting solutions

A LIGHTING SYSTEM 4.0 is an intelligent network-based lighting control solution.

IOT Control Solutions

IoT programming prototype helmets sensors for interfacing and interaction to display product features and versions (color, material, etc.). (exhibited at EICMA 2017, Milan, which later became standard and sold in Dainese stores internationally)

Alessandro De Marchi – Works

Relamping LED

Replacement of old-generation lighting products with energy-saving LED lights.

Savings on energy costs from 40% to 60% with the same light output. Prevents CO2 from entering the atmosphere with benefits in terms of well-being: without any trace of mercury, they emit clean light without UV and IR components.

IOT & Software Development

Robot programming on different platforms and technologies.

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App Design & Development

Mobile software development IOT for INDUSTRY 4.0



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